Pompois 2019 - Red Wine

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Red Wine

Region: Loire, France
Grape: Cabernet Franc
Style: Deep and complex wine
Pair with: Ribeye, Mushroom Risotto, Chorizo

This red wine has a deep ruby crimson colour, with a subtle aroma of peonies and crushed vine leaves, as well as nuanced notes of Capcecum and wet wood. It has a fluid mouthfeel and a mild freshness on the palate, as well as a variety of tastes including cranberry juice and blackberries that are complemented by smoky undertones and cayenne spiciness. The tiny undertones of cigar, paprika, and luscious tomatoes in the aftertaste leave an impact. Overall, this wine has a lot of depth and complexity, and it has a wide variety of tastes that set it apart.

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Pompois 2019 - Red Wine

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