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Welcome to Drunken Farmer, the playground for natural wine, sourdough and more. Started as a nomadic natural wine purveyor in 2019, we connect great wine farmers to people through our online store, wine bars and pop-ups.

Our name is inspired by the drunken kung fu masters, a reminder of the mastery and skill behind the natural wine farmers and bakers that influence our cuisine.

We believe all good things come from the earth. The gut-pleasing grapes and grains free of nasty chemicals – from the natural wines rich in character to our slow-risen sourdough pizzas. All fermented with love and full of unadulterated flavour.

Visit us at our wine bars for the best marriage of wild wines and all things sourdough. We make crazy-delicious sourdough pizzas and fermented snacks with our 160-year-old sourdough starter. Paired with extraordinary organic labels, pet-nats, or the funkiest orange wines sourced directly from makers in France, Spain and more. It's wine and pizza, as nature intended.

Shop our range of organic, biodynamic & natural wines in-store or online and have it delivered direct to your doorstep.

Our Team Eduado Bayo


Plucked from the thick of Montreal, Canada’s pulsating natural wine scene, Eduardo Bayo is Drunken Farmer’s multi-ethnic sommelier armed with more than 20 years of extensive wine knowledge and the ability to speak three languages; English, French, and Spanish.

Ed spent a childhood growing up in a family of natural winemakers, he is passionate about the ethos behind natural wine and hopes to champion the grower to wine glass movement in Singapore.

Having worked personally with many of the winemakers whose wines are carried by Drunken Farmer, Ed is prone to regaling stories and interesting facts behind each bottle of wine.

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