DRUNKEN FARMER is on a mission to change the way we drink and think about wine. We love wine – really, really LOVE it. But we’re crazily passionate about natural wines.

Why? Because every bottle is a messenger of the soil. Every glass is a voyage of discovery revealing new ideas and new flavours.

When wine is produced from vines grown on land that is undisturbed and unharmed, and given a chance to re-energise to its fullest potential by people deeply connected to nature, amazing things happen.

We love spreading that joy and passing on our knowledge. Think of us as natural wine preachers: the more we convert, the more drinking companions we’ll have!

Water to earth. Farmer to glass. Friend to friend.

Our Team Eduado Bayo


Plucked from the thick of Montreal, Canada’s pulsating natural wine scene, this multiethnic sommelier arrived in Singapore armed with more than 20 years of F&B experience, extensive wine knowledge, the ability to speak three languages; English, French, and Spanish, and an affable personality.

Ed spent a childhood growing up in a family of natural winemakers, he is passionate about the ethos behind natural wine and hopes to champion the grower to glass movement in Singapore.

Having worked personally with many of the winemakers whose wines are carried by Drunken Farmer, Ed is prone to regaling stories and interesting facts behind each bottle of wine.

“For me, to truly appreciate a wine is to know the passion and the motivations of the winemaker when ze makes that particular wine; and this is what I hope to share with the wider public – be it through the diners I interact with or the restaurants I work with."

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