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To Ice or Not to Ice: The Great Wine Debate!

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As a wine lover, you may have found yourself in this dilemma before – to put ice or not to put ice in your wine? It's a contentious issue that has sparked debates among wine aficionados for years. Is it a wine faux pas or a clever hack to chill your wine? Let's delve into this polarizing topic with a cheeky and fun approach, while still staying informative.

Adding Ice to Wine

The Wine Chill Factor

We've all been there – you grab a bottle of wine, eager to enjoy a glass of your favourite vino, only to realize it's not chilled. The temptation to toss in some ice cubes to bring down the temperature quickly can be irresistible. But, hold on! Before you commit this wine crime, let's talk about the chill factor.

Adding ice cubes to wine can dilute its flavours and disrupt its balance. As the ice melts, it can water down the wine, dulling its taste and diminishing its complexity. Wine is crafted with care to showcase its unique flavours and aromas, and diluting it with ice cubes may not do justice to its intended profile.

The Fun and Frolic of Adding Ice to Wine

Now, let's switch gears and talk about the fun and frolic of adding ice to wine. Sometimes, it's all about the experience and the moment. On a hot summer day, a glass of chilled wine with a few ice cubes can be refreshing and enjoyable. It can add a playful twist to your wine, creating a fun and casual vibe for a backyard barbecue or a beach outing. Plus, for those who prefer a milder wine, adding ice can mellow out the flavours and make it more approachable.

Adding Ice to Champagne or Prosecco

While in many wine drinking circles, adding ice to champagne or prosecco to add some chill is seen as sacrilege. It dilutes the intended taste and balance of the champagne and reduces the bubbles over time. But drinking champagne over ice has been common practice in the South or France for decades, so much so that French wine maisons like Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot have developed champagnes especially made to be served on ice.

The Wine Ice Cube Hack

While some wine purists may frown upon adding ice to wine, others see it as a clever wine hack. If you're in a pinch and need to chill your wine quickly, adding a few ice cubes can do the trick. Just be sure to use high-quality ice made from filtered water to minimize any potential off-flavours or odours.


Resuable Ice Cubes

If you don’t want to dilute your wine with ice cubes, try using frozen grapes or steel or stone reusable ice cubes. We’re all about sustainability, they will all save on your water use, and reusable ice cubes can be reused time and time again and will chill your glass of wine for at least 30 minutes.

The Personal Preference of Adding Ice to Wine

Ultimately, whether to put ice in your wine or not comes down to personal preference. Wine is subjective, and everyone has their own taste preferences and drinking habits. Some may prefer their wine at the perfect temperature straight from the bottle, while others may enjoy the flexibility of adding ice to suit their desired chill factor. As long as you're enjoying your wine and savouring its flavours in a way that brings you pleasure, that's what matters most.

In conclusion, the debate of putting ice into wine is a matter of personal preference and the occasion. While adding ice cubes may not be recommended for premium wines, it can still be a fun and refreshing option for casual sipping or outdoor gatherings. Just be mindful of the potential dilution of flavours and choose high-quality ice, resuable ice cubes or frozen grapes if you decide to go down the ice route. So, to ice or not to ice? That's for you to decide, wine lovers! Cheers to enjoying your wine in a way that brings you joy and satisfaction, whether it's on the rocks or straight from the bottle.


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